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June 27th, 2015

08:15 pm - Not the bestest week ever
I think I've been tardy three times this week out of four shifts. Just a minute or two past the cutoff point, aside from last night when I overslept and was a full hour late. I don't know how many are currently on my tally (thankfully they drop off the record after six months) and don't want to ask in case I'm reaching the point of disciplinary action and my supervisor hasn't noticed. (Because that happened before.)

Seems to be a combination of me being especially tired and Dallas being into the swing of the summer road construction season, closing lanes and exits and even freeways late at night. Both of my potential routes into work are under construction, and my traffic app doesn't always warn me of the trouble spots. (One night a week or two back had the app showing LBJ as green all the way, but I wound up stuck for a good twenty minutes waiting for them to reopen the freeway. And then there was the night they closed my exit for just a few minutes right when I needed to use it, and the next place I could exit the freeway to turn around and come back was in the tangle of exits and tolls leading into DFW airport.)

Also, a speeding ticket -- on the way home from work one morning this week, when I wasn't in a hurry but just didn't really notice how fast I was going. An annoyance but not disastrous.

Squeaky's surgery has been moved from Monday to Tuesday due to a scheduling conflict for the vet. Still going to cost around $1000, and I really hope Mom doesn't forget her offer to pitch in on the cost. (She wants to chip in $50 per paycheck, so there's a risk of her forgetting after two or three times, despite having made noises about wanting to cover up to half the amount.)

Lost an earring from a pair I really liked (a smiling crescent moon dangling from a chain of linked stars) and wound up browsing on eBay for moon and star earrings. Got a couple of cute new pairs for cheap, so that was an upside. One of this week's tardies was due in part to the time lost getting ready for work when I tried putting on an earring I had never worn before to mix-and-match with the remaining moon earring. It was a post for the lobe with a chain leading to a second post to go into my cartilage piercing, with stars and a few rhinestones dangling from the chain. The problem was that both posts had backs in the form of little silver balls that screw onto the post, and I've never had to deal with that kind of piercing jewelry before. So basically if I ever want to wear this earring, it's going to be something I put on before bed -- and probably wind up leaving on for a week. (Maybe I'll try it out next week, for the holiday and all.)

Crappy manicure this week (the blend polish being too thick and creating a ton of air bubbles), and not enough sleep.

Spent my free time reading for the second week in a row, so I haven't turned on the TV and the DVR is probably stacking up stuff for me to watch. At least I have been knitting, while visiting Grandma or at the gym but also while reading. (Amazingly enough, including working on the toe of my next lace sock while reading, as well as the plain stockinette pairs.)

Very much looking forward to having a night off next week for the holiday. Visiting Dad that day, so I can't spend it in front of the TV at home clearing the DVR, but I can hope for some light shifts bracketing the holiday sending me home early...

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June 23rd, 2015

08:33 pm - Listless week, lazy weekend
I've been having a week of sleeping through family obligations -- didn't visit Grandma on Thursday or Friday (or Saturday or Sunday), haven't called Dad to say (belated) Happy Father's Day yet, haven't visited my sister or seen my new nephew yet (though that last is more deliberate apathy on my part). I think the bit last weekend where my Sunday night sleep schedule was ruined by dealing with my broken car window set me up for a week of limping along in vague exhaustion without enough energy to do much of anything once I'm out of work for the morning.

Not a lot accomplished with my weekend, either, since I spent a lot of time reading when I should have been working my way through my "to do" list (or at least getting something off the DVR). It was restful, but I'm behind schedule.

And here I am going into the start of a new work week not having caught up on sleep, and with only a couple of hours left to nap in before tonight's shift. Ugh. I don't expect to get much done tomorrow beyond hitting the gym on the way home and then probably passing out very quickly once I get here.

Some knitting to show for my weekCollapse )

Have been listening to my phone at work instead of my MP3 player all week. It's more convenient than I thought it would be, since most of what I've been listening to has been podcasts lately, and since most of the music I've been listening to when I'm tired of podcasts has been comparatively new purchases that are also downloaded to my phone. And now that's an item on the Tuesday "to do" list eliminated -- downloading podcasts onto my desktop to load to my player -- since the phone can download them directly as needed.

And then there were my nailsCollapse )

Oh, and part of why I didn't get everything done yesterday that I should have was taking two cats to the vet. Rupert got his annual checkup and is in splendid health. He crawled into the cabinet to hide from the vet and when the assistant came to take his vitals he climbed up the inside and wound up in the drawer. It was hilarious and after the assistant left I hung onto him so he couldn't hide again before the vet came in.

The other cat was Squeaky, and the vet agreed with Mom and me that he's at the point where the bad eye needs to come out, because it's swelling up and he can't properly close the eyelids all the way anymore and who knows what's going on behind it. (The vet still suspects a tumor.) So he's going back in Monday for an enucleation (which is going to run around $1000 but I'll stick it on the credit card, and Mom made noises about kicking in a few hundred bucks, so long as she can chip in about $50 per paycheck.)

Geeze, I'm tired.

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June 19th, 2015

08:44 pm - This and that
My sister's baby was born a few weeks ahead of schedule the night before last (and with some trouble and drama, turning out to have had the cord wrapped around his neck three times and with a knot in it). My mother was able to be at the hospital for the birth (having missed Aidyn's arrival during working hours) and went to visit Lauren and young Axton last night and tonight. She also took Monday off work, but at least she'll be minimally underfoot, spending as much time as possible with Lauren.

I have not seen the baby (aside from a few photos), have no plans to visit, and am too tired to spend energy feigning interest in my sister's life. I came home from work and passed out yesterday, getting basically nothing done.

The plan today was to visit Grandma, but I fooled around with electronics and then dozed off on the couch and missed my window. I need to visit tomorrow -- should have gone on the way home from work today, really. Not a lot of knitting this week, but at least I got the green socks finished and I'm working my way up the toe of the new pair.

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June 16th, 2015

08:22 pm - Not one of my better weeks
Was late to work Tuesday night -- really very tardy -- for two reasons. The second came down to running afoul of construction being done on both of my potential routes to work (which added a few more tardies to my record a week or two back). The first reason was losing time searching for a missing bunny and eventually discovering Stilinski had slipped out into the backyard when I'd taken out some trash before my three-hour pre-work nap. So at 11:30 at night when I should have been on the road to work I was instead out in the yard trying to chase a white rabbit back into the house (and trying to make sure the grey rabbit didn't come out to play with her mate, because she really wanted to).

Happily no more tardies last week, and a few decent days, and then Saturday Mom had someone over to work in the kitchen putting in new drywall to cover the holes where the material damaged by the leak months ago had been removed. So that screwed up my Saturday plans slightly (though it wound up driving me to bed sooner than I probably would have gone) and kept the bunnies locked in the cage all day.

Saturday night was when I decided to try using my phone to listen to podcasts and leave my MP3 player for just music. At some point I'll need to replace my MP3 player, and I'll probably go for an Android option so I can use apps to download my newly-purchased music and whatever podcasts I'm currently working through the archives of. My phone can do both, but I want a separate player for my MP3s because I have so many of them. But podcasts tend to be listen-once-and-delete, and the process of downloading a week's worth and loading them to my player is a significant part of the Tuesday computerage, so eliminating that might be worth the trouble of swapping out players when I go from one form of entertainment to another. So I'll try that out for a while and see how it goes.

(It was a slight nuisance Saturday night because that was also the night I decided to just wear my exercise capris without pants over them, meaning I had no pockets except in my lab coat, which of course I was taking off to go on breaks or to the bathroom. And I didn't want to stop in mid-podcast and leave my phone in my labcoat when I went to the restroom, since I've had my particular labcoat that I was using grabbed by someone else who came out of the bathroom before me. So this is why I was sticking my phone into my bra whenever I had to go pee.)

Mild progress on the knittingCollapse )

Sunday morning I put in a couple of hours of overtime and stopped for breakfast on the way home, so instead of swinging by the gym I came home first to free the bunnies, who hadn't gotten their scampering time on Saturday and who might have emptied their water bowls by that point. (I wound up buying them a third water bowl Saturday, since they've been draining both of theirs on a daily basis.) And then I could have gone in the afternoon after I'd had a bit of time resting at home, but I lay around fooling with electronic devices instead and then took a bit of an unplanned nap. So I wound up going to the gym when Mom was going to bed, say around 11:15 that night.

The plan was to hit the gym, get a meal somewhere open 24 hours, and then maybe take care of my grocery run on the way home or maybe just come home and sleep for a few more hours. But I hadn't been on the cardio machine for ten minutes when a voice came on the loudspeaker calling for the owner of the blue Sentra to come to the front desk. I was sent out to the parking lot where a security guard was getting a description from the witness who had seen the would-be thieves running away from my car after the alarm went off when they smashed my window. They got nothing, which was good. Apparently they were trying for the purse I had put in my trunk before going into the building, since the gas cap lid was open when I got to the car, and the button for opening that is right next to the one for popping the trunk. (I was told someone else in the last day or so had gotten her purse stolen from her car, having tried to hide it under something rather than stowing it more securely. I was also advised to park in front of the building rather than to the side when I come to the gym late at night.)

The cops had been called, and the security guard said they'd take long enough to show up that I could go ahead and finish my workout. So I did that, sat in the lobby reading for a little while afterwards, and then went out to talk to the cop. After taking information from me and then from the security guard (who passed along the witness' descriptions) I was given a little slip with the report number and sent on my way. The cop took the broken sheet of glass out of my car and dumped it on the grass. I used a fast food napkin to sweep away the major bits of broken glass from my seat and put my emergency flannel shirt on the seat as a protective layer.

I went through a Whataburger drive-through, came home, and got on my phone to find an auto glass place and make arrangements for a new window. Good news being, my insurance would cover it (aside from a $50 deductible), bad news being that the earliest possible appointment was for 1pm Tuesday. So I knitted in front of the TV while waiting for Mom's alarm to start going off. Once it had, I went to explain to her what had happened and to request two favors: That my car be in the garage for the next day and night until I had a new window (to avoid getting it rained into, and to avoid random passers-by deciding to rummage through my car looking for anything worth stealing), and that I borrow her car for an early morning grocery run while she was getting ready for work. She gave me her keys, I put her car in the front of the house and stuck my own into the garage, got my Wal-Mart run in, and then came home and napped on the couch for a few hours.

I didn't get nearly enough sleep Sunday night into Monday morning, and as a result I was running in slow motion all day and didn't get the rabbit cage dealt with. Also, I had to postpone my visit to Grandma until today (on the way home from getting my new window, in fact), so that left today really busy even without taking into consideration spending an hour or two sitting around in the waiting room of the autoglass place. But I got the cage cleaned this morning (saving the vacuuming for when I got home in the afternoon) and got all my computerage done aside from this journal entry. And I got the gold base layers for today's manicure done during my computer time, so I came home just needing to vacuum, finish my mani, and post this.

Last week"s nailsCollapse )

So that's everything left I needed to do, but I came home with the start of a headache that's only gotten worse as the evening wore on -- and now I have very little time left in which to attempt to sleep it off before work... Still, a couple of hours may be enough, and my fresh manicure is very bright and beautiful.

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June 9th, 2015

07:57 pm - Lazy summer weekend
A lot of time wasted over the course of this weekend, but at least I've taken care of everything that needed doing.

Bunnies were cute Thursday afternoonCollapse )

I honestly can't remember much about Sunday, aside from hitting the gym on the way home. Mom planted the lavender rosebush out front, which was good, and I went to bed at some point in the late afternoon.

Monday I wasted a lot of time in the morning, screwing around on my phone in bed instead of either going back to sleep or getting up and starting my day, and then wasting more time on the phone after breakfast. But I wanted to finally get around to seeing Mad Max, so I checked the showtimes and saw the only convenient one was at 2:30pm. Okay, then -- needed to get stuff done by 2:15, so I got moving! Laundry, dishes, rabbit cage -- didn't quite manage to get to the vacuuming, but that could wait. Off to the movie, which I enjoyed despite having been well spoiled for it, and then I visited Grandma and did my grocery run and came home with a headache (due to either dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, or both). Managed to stay up long enough to watch John Oliver and Game of Thrones with Mom, and then had to go to bed and sleep off the headache.

Which I did, and stayed in bed really late this morning, so I started the day behind schedule and with vacuuming to deal with besides. That had me turning on the computer very late indeed, but at least I'm down to the point where I post this entry and get offline and go to bed.

Knitting progressingCollapse )

Supposedly we're getting another rainy weekend coming up, to cool temperatures a bit (and water the yard, so it starts growing enthusiastically again). Though there may have been some rain in the area today -- at least, the sky clouded over and I heard what was either thunder or a gunning engine, while getting a few weather service warnings about a return of flooding to Dallas County.

A popular manicureCollapse )

So that's why I'm so late getting to bed, since I had such a slow start today and then wasted time being inefficient about my manicure. But at least I got ready for bed before finishing up my nails, so I can post this and sack out...

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June 6th, 2015

07:50 pm - A fairly good week
Tolerable amounts of sleep over the last day or two, and I've been putting in about an hour of overtime each day (aside from Sunday), so the next paycheck should be better than yesterday's.

Lots of compliments on the watermelon mani. This is one of those things where I know how much less skill it took than some other things I've done, but it seems to be wowing people. Still, it delights me whenever I look at my nails.

The lavender rosebush has two full blooms and an opening bud, and Mom should be planting it tomorrow (having battled the overgrown lawn today). One day earlier this week I noted the central bud was nodding over and the first opening bloom had limp petals, and realized that with the rain having ended and daytime temps in the 90s it needed watering. I gave it a lot of water that day and since then I've been dumping the cats' water bowls into the rosebush's pot when I empty them for refilling each day. So it's thriving and I hope it does as well in the ground. (Meanwhile the mini rosebush in the kitchen window has sprouted a tiny cluster of leaves. We have hope it was repotted in time.)

I bought the bunnies a "twigloo" -- an igloo-shaped structure woven of willow twigs -- which arrived yesterday and which I unwrapped today. It didn't seem quite large enough for them to hide under, so I flipped it over into a basket configuration. But they found it toothsome, with both taking some nibbles as soon as I offered it and with Amelia in particular settling in for a good gnawing.

And when I went to my Amazon app to leave a favorable review for the willow twigloo, I wound up scrolling down my recent purchases leaving star ratings and then settled in to leave really nasty one-star reviews for the entire Maze Runner trilogy (and the prequel, too). I can sum it up by saying watch the movies if you like the premise (or at least if you like Dylan O'Brien) but don't waste your time and money on the books.

I had hoped for a bit of knitting-in-front-of-the-TV time but I may have blown it screwing around on the phone. Of course, the last couple of days have been marked by me taking an early nap right when getting home and then being unable to sleep when I go to bed for a few more hours that night before work. So the wisest course of action might be to get ready for bed and then turn on the TV in my room and see if the combo of knitting and Rachel Maddow is as soporific as it frequently is on the living room couch...

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June 2nd, 2015

06:44 pm - Weekend of everything that it should have been
Sunday was kind of a null day. I left work pretty much on time because a coworker had warned me that the power was likely to shut down without warning on various systems and be out for hours due to some sort of maintenance thing, and having reached the end of my shift with no trouble (and with not that much work left to deal with) I decided not to further tempt fate. Hit the gym, came home, lay around on the couch for a while screwing around on my phone and watching TV and not doing much knitting, then in mid-afternoon went to bed and caught up on sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

That's probably why I've been so productive yesterday and today. More than twelve hours of sleep Sunday night into Monday morning, and once I got going I knocked out all of yesterday's "to do" list, coming home from visiting Grandma and making my grocery run with only filing my nails and polishing my toenails left on the list. So I did that in front of the TV with Mom.

Results of a week with a holiday and very little overtimeCollapse )

One thing I did Sunday afternoon was follow up on a set of comments left on AO3 on an old story of mine. The first came in on Saturday afternoon (as mentioned in my previous entry) and then a reply to my reply came in after I'd posted that entry and I had just enough time to respond to that before going to work, so Sunday afternoon when I was lying on the couch with not much better to do I had the leisure to follow up with a few more rounds of back-and-forth. The upshot being that the commenter flounced in a huff and I took the time to look at my AO3 page and realize that I basically quit writing fic in 2003, aside from a couple of Doctor Who stories in 2007 that were both due to special circumstances. (The first was me being frustrated with my knitting and letting the creative energy spill out elsewhere, the second was a piece of meta that I thought would just be easier to package into fic format.) I do not see myself picking it back up in the foreseeable future, mainly because I have little enough free time as it is and too many more enticing things to do with my hands. I think that just goes to show that I don't have the true drive to write, so much as just responding to peer pressure when surrounded by others who like writing a lot. (Or that the bulk of my creative energy has been diverted into my knitting for the last decade, with a recent sideline into nail art.)

Patriotic manicureCollapse )

So I need to go feed the cats because Mom is out playing darts tonight, and then go get myself into bed. But that's it, that's everything accomplished that needed to happen today...

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May 30th, 2015

10:06 pm - Checking in
I've had a tolerable week and managed to avoid any effects of the ongoing deluge more annoying than texts from my phone telling me about the flood warnings at home while I'm at work. Even managed to avoid getting caught on flooded roads on my home from work yesterday by making the correct mental coin flip for my route home when I couldn't get enough of a signal for my traffic app to tell me where the problems were.

A good visit to Dad, too, aside from spending the entire time being freely exposed to mosquitos, secondhand smoke, or both simultaneously. My aunt invited me over to chat Tuesday night (having missed seeing me on my last couple of visits) and immediately started serving me wine. Apparently she finds me amusing when I'm drunk, and it only took a glass and a half on an empty stomach to get me there. ("There's the Holiday Jennifer we love!" she said.) Dad came over for dinner and we were fed excellent leftover ribs, and then he and I crossed the backyards to get home just before the thunderstorm began. A good visit, with lots of time to talk (with my aunt and uncle as well as with Dad), and I'll be back for another visit for the 4th of July.

And I was so annoyed to get a bit of feedback tonight on a fourteen-year-old story from someone who has evidently never run across the word "collared" and dropped a line to tell me I must mean "cornered." The part I found so offensive was having dictionary definitions quoted at me -- specifically, having collard greens mentioned, as though that were in any way a reasonable mistake for me to have made for the verb I intended. (And as though they were an exotic and unusual item, rather than a food I have frequently purchased and fed to my bunnies.) I took it as a sure sign of someone trying to sound authoritative by consulting an online dictionary that only offered two definitions for "collar" and casting about on the page for a third entry to pad out their list. The off-the-cuff reply I made was to the effect of it being such an old story and me not having the time or inclination to reread it to find the contexts where I used the word and argue my point. I now regret not having replied with a simple directive to search for the definition of "collar" as a verb, and if this person makes the mistake of replying to me I'm going to do just that.

Good thing I crashed for five hours right when I got home, because fooling around on my phone ate all the time I had for a second nap before work.

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May 26th, 2015

02:11 pm - Ridiculous amounts of water
So this is my holiday weekend, which on the one hand means I have a full extra night off before going back to work -- but on the other hand means I had Mom underfoot yesterday while I was trying to get my Monday "to do" list dealt with, and have Dad expecting me to arrive this afternoon to spend the night and an unspecified portion of tomorrow. (I told him I'd be coming up "tonight," but he persisted in interpreting that as "early-to-mid-afternoon.")

So I was trying to get all my Monday stuff done yesterday -- and getting one or two Tuesday things out of the way as well would have been ideal -- but I was having to arrange my schedule around Mom in a home-improvement mood trying to add additional items to my list because it was my day off and I was "free." This led me to go make my grocery run in the late morning so I could escape the house, instead of getting started on my laundry and dealing with the rabbit cage first. Laundry and dishes in the early afternoon, and I was just about to get started on the cage when it started pouring outside -- with plenty of lightning and thunder. So I replaced the doorknob on the pantry door (the one inside task I had left to do) and started knitting in front of the TV until Mom came home from visiting Grandma.

(Mom had tried to get me out the door to go along with her, but I refused. I don't like being dragged along by family members reluctant to go alone because A) Grandma gets only one combined visit instead of two individual visits, which means she gets less time in total having a visitor with her, and B) when there are two or three of us there we have a tendency to talk to each other while Grandma listens silently and recedes into the background.)

So I was feeling very aggravated when Mom got home -- I still had Monday stuff left on the list, and I could have taken care of it earlier in the day and saved the indoors stuff for later, had I only anticipated the rain. (Or had I not been basically driven from the house for several prime non-raining hours of the day.) And I couldn't get a jump on the Tuesday list, because the bulk of that involves being on the computer, and I wasn't turning it on with that much lightning striking nearby. Having Mom decide she wanted to watch her baseball game first and save our joint TV-viewing for later didn't make me any happier -- I couldn't go to bed until we'd done our TV thing together, and I was starting to really run low on gas, and getting an early start on the day today was my only real hope for taking care of everything that needed doing. Which hasn't really happened...

KnittingCollapse )

The good news is that I can push a few things over to tomorrow, or from tomorrow to Thursday. The current plan is to visit Grandma this afternoon on the way out of town, and save the nail art layers of my manicure for tomorrow. The gym session might happen tomorrow (depending on when I get home from Dad's) but currently I'm planning for it to happen Thursday morning on the way home from work.

Last week"s maniCollapse )

Okay. I need to throw a few things into a bag and change my shirt. Then I go see Grandma and hit the road -- much earlier than I feared I might be leaving. (Though I'm sure later than Dad was hoping.)

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May 24th, 2015

05:57 pm - Rain, rain, so much rain
Android has updated my phone's operating system and I'm still getting used to the changes. Many of my apps were updated to go with the new version. Again, lots of tweaks.

The ground is soggy, the grass is high, and last night was another of those with the constant weather alerts making my phone beep at work. I'm not sure which setting to alter to let my phone know that I really mean it about not wanting alerts going off during my working hours, but I'll continue the experimenting.

Finally got around to calling Dad to remind him that I have a night off for Memorial Day and I'll come see him for at least that night and the next day. He seems to be expecting me earlier Tuesday afternoon than I had in mind, but maybe I can get a jump on my computer time tomorrow or something and get my Tuesday stuff done early.

Mom is at Lauren's baby shower -- her second one for this kid, since last week there was one given by her church that Mom and I received individual invitations to. Neither of us went last week -- Mom because she didn't have her gifts ready yet, and me because I went to a shower for Aidyn and figure that's my lifetime quota for my sister's kids. (For baby showers in general, really. No more little kid birthday parties, either.)

Whoops, there's Mom home. Better get back to watching Rachel Maddow before she tries to claim the TV...

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