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June 2nd, 2015

06:44 pm - Weekend of everything that it should have been
Sunday was kind of a null day. I left work pretty much on time because a coworker had warned me that the power was likely to shut down without warning on various systems and be out for hours due to some sort of maintenance thing, and having reached the end of my shift with no trouble (and with not that much work left to deal with) I decided not to further tempt fate. Hit the gym, came home, lay around on the couch for a while screwing around on my phone and watching TV and not doing much knitting, then in mid-afternoon went to bed and caught up on sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

That's probably why I've been so productive yesterday and today. More than twelve hours of sleep Sunday night into Monday morning, and once I got going I knocked out all of yesterday's "to do" list, coming home from visiting Grandma and making my grocery run with only filing my nails and polishing my toenails left on the list. So I did that in front of the TV with Mom.

Results of a week with a holiday and very little overtimeCollapse )

One thing I did Sunday afternoon was follow up on a set of comments left on AO3 on an old story of mine. The first came in on Saturday afternoon (as mentioned in my previous entry) and then a reply to my reply came in after I'd posted that entry and I had just enough time to respond to that before going to work, so Sunday afternoon when I was lying on the couch with not much better to do I had the leisure to follow up with a few more rounds of back-and-forth. The upshot being that the commenter flounced in a huff and I took the time to look at my AO3 page and realize that I basically quit writing fic in 2003, aside from a couple of Doctor Who stories in 2007 that were both due to special circumstances. (The first was me being frustrated with my knitting and letting the creative energy spill out elsewhere, the second was a piece of meta that I thought would just be easier to package into fic format.) I do not see myself picking it back up in the foreseeable future, mainly because I have little enough free time as it is and too many more enticing things to do with my hands. I think that just goes to show that I don't have the true drive to write, so much as just responding to peer pressure when surrounded by others who like writing a lot. (Or that the bulk of my creative energy has been diverted into my knitting for the last decade, with a recent sideline into nail art.)

Patriotic manicureCollapse )

So I need to go feed the cats because Mom is out playing darts tonight, and then go get myself into bed. But that's it, that's everything accomplished that needed to happen today...

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May 30th, 2015

10:06 pm - Checking in
I've had a tolerable week and managed to avoid any effects of the ongoing deluge more annoying than texts from my phone telling me about the flood warnings at home while I'm at work. Even managed to avoid getting caught on flooded roads on my home from work yesterday by making the correct mental coin flip for my route home when I couldn't get enough of a signal for my traffic app to tell me where the problems were.

A good visit to Dad, too, aside from spending the entire time being freely exposed to mosquitos, secondhand smoke, or both simultaneously. My aunt invited me over to chat Tuesday night (having missed seeing me on my last couple of visits) and immediately started serving me wine. Apparently she finds me amusing when I'm drunk, and it only took a glass and a half on an empty stomach to get me there. ("There's the Holiday Jennifer we love!" she said.) Dad came over for dinner and we were fed excellent leftover ribs, and then he and I crossed the backyards to get home just before the thunderstorm began. A good visit, with lots of time to talk (with my aunt and uncle as well as with Dad), and I'll be back for another visit for the 4th of July.

And I was so annoyed to get a bit of feedback tonight on a fourteen-year-old story from someone who has evidently never run across the word "collared" and dropped a line to tell me I must mean "cornered." The part I found so offensive was having dictionary definitions quoted at me -- specifically, having collard greens mentioned, as though that were in any way a reasonable mistake for me to have made for the verb I intended. (And as though they were an exotic and unusual item, rather than a food I have frequently purchased and fed to my bunnies.) I took it as a sure sign of someone trying to sound authoritative by consulting an online dictionary that only offered two definitions for "collar" and casting about on the page for a third entry to pad out their list. The off-the-cuff reply I made was to the effect of it being such an old story and me not having the time or inclination to reread it to find the contexts where I used the word and argue my point. I now regret not having replied with a simple directive to search for the definition of "collar" as a verb, and if this person makes the mistake of replying to me I'm going to do just that.

Good thing I crashed for five hours right when I got home, because fooling around on my phone ate all the time I had for a second nap before work.

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May 26th, 2015

02:11 pm - Ridiculous amounts of water
So this is my holiday weekend, which on the one hand means I have a full extra night off before going back to work -- but on the other hand means I had Mom underfoot yesterday while I was trying to get my Monday "to do" list dealt with, and have Dad expecting me to arrive this afternoon to spend the night and an unspecified portion of tomorrow. (I told him I'd be coming up "tonight," but he persisted in interpreting that as "early-to-mid-afternoon.")

So I was trying to get all my Monday stuff done yesterday -- and getting one or two Tuesday things out of the way as well would have been ideal -- but I was having to arrange my schedule around Mom in a home-improvement mood trying to add additional items to my list because it was my day off and I was "free." This led me to go make my grocery run in the late morning so I could escape the house, instead of getting started on my laundry and dealing with the rabbit cage first. Laundry and dishes in the early afternoon, and I was just about to get started on the cage when it started pouring outside -- with plenty of lightning and thunder. So I replaced the doorknob on the pantry door (the one inside task I had left to do) and started knitting in front of the TV until Mom came home from visiting Grandma.

(Mom had tried to get me out the door to go along with her, but I refused. I don't like being dragged along by family members reluctant to go alone because A) Grandma gets only one combined visit instead of two individual visits, which means she gets less time in total having a visitor with her, and B) when there are two or three of us there we have a tendency to talk to each other while Grandma listens silently and recedes into the background.)

So I was feeling very aggravated when Mom got home -- I still had Monday stuff left on the list, and I could have taken care of it earlier in the day and saved the indoors stuff for later, had I only anticipated the rain. (Or had I not been basically driven from the house for several prime non-raining hours of the day.) And I couldn't get a jump on the Tuesday list, because the bulk of that involves being on the computer, and I wasn't turning it on with that much lightning striking nearby. Having Mom decide she wanted to watch her baseball game first and save our joint TV-viewing for later didn't make me any happier -- I couldn't go to bed until we'd done our TV thing together, and I was starting to really run low on gas, and getting an early start on the day today was my only real hope for taking care of everything that needed doing. Which hasn't really happened...

KnittingCollapse )

The good news is that I can push a few things over to tomorrow, or from tomorrow to Thursday. The current plan is to visit Grandma this afternoon on the way out of town, and save the nail art layers of my manicure for tomorrow. The gym session might happen tomorrow (depending on when I get home from Dad's) but currently I'm planning for it to happen Thursday morning on the way home from work.

Last week"s maniCollapse )

Okay. I need to throw a few things into a bag and change my shirt. Then I go see Grandma and hit the road -- much earlier than I feared I might be leaving. (Though I'm sure later than Dad was hoping.)

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May 24th, 2015

05:57 pm - Rain, rain, so much rain
Android has updated my phone's operating system and I'm still getting used to the changes. Many of my apps were updated to go with the new version. Again, lots of tweaks.

The ground is soggy, the grass is high, and last night was another of those with the constant weather alerts making my phone beep at work. I'm not sure which setting to alter to let my phone know that I really mean it about not wanting alerts going off during my working hours, but I'll continue the experimenting.

Finally got around to calling Dad to remind him that I have a night off for Memorial Day and I'll come see him for at least that night and the next day. He seems to be expecting me earlier Tuesday afternoon than I had in mind, but maybe I can get a jump on my computer time tomorrow or something and get my Tuesday stuff done early.

Mom is at Lauren's baby shower -- her second one for this kid, since last week there was one given by her church that Mom and I received individual invitations to. Neither of us went last week -- Mom because she didn't have her gifts ready yet, and me because I went to a shower for Aidyn and figure that's my lifetime quota for my sister's kids. (For baby showers in general, really. No more little kid birthday parties, either.)

Whoops, there's Mom home. Better get back to watching Rachel Maddow before she tries to claim the TV...

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May 19th, 2015

06:37 pm - Week in a holding pattern
Most of last week was warped around the patio roof in its state of arrested collapse. The cats were kept inside until it was safely down (since they seemed compelled to tramp across its incline), much to their loud displeasure. And Daniel was supposedly coming over to deal with it, but he didn't have the time Tuesday afternoon when he was here to fix the garage door. He said he'd come by Wednesday, and that Mom and I needed to maybe start hauling things out from underneath the sagging roof before then.

I hurried out of work Wednesday morning without putting in any overtime (though I did get my gym session in on the way home) and started hauling patio chairs out into the yard to get drenched in the afternoon's rain storm. Daniel never showed up, nor did he have Lauren call or text to mention he'd had a change of schedule. Mom said maybe the next day, or the day after, but by that point I was annoyed enough to go ahead and put in my overtime and stop off for breakfast on the way home, both Thursday and Friday. He could come in through the back fence if he showed up when I wasn't home. But he didn't, until Sunday, when Mom was home to help him with the prying and hauling.

So the patio roof is down and the kitchen and living room are much brighter without the shade over the backyard windows.

Knitting focused mainly on a single projectCollapse )

I took Mom out to dinner last night. I had a $25 gift card to On the Border from some employee reward points I'd cashed in a couple of months ago, and this was my belated Mother's Day treat for Mom. (Postponed due to home maintenance issues. Also, last night there was no Rangers game for her to watch.) We wound up getting identical meals -- watermelon margaritas and combo plates with one beef taco and one Dos XX fish taco. (Nearly identical -- I went with the small margarita and encouraged Mom to go for the big one.) It was nice.

I'd love to be able to manage to take Dad to dinner for Father's Day -- he bemoans the lack of good eateries really close to where he's living now -- but with him so far out of town and me not having any holidays between next week and July I don't see a way to swing it. (I still need to call him to remind him that next week is Memorial Day and I'd already promised to come see him, even if only for a night and a day.)

Shades of blueCollapse )

I probably should have gone ahead and changed for bed before finishing my manicure, but I wasn't predicting lying around reading on my phone for so long between doing the actual fancy part and putting on the final layers of topcoat. At least the only other things I have to do before collapsing are posting this, brushing my teeth and feeding the cats...

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May 12th, 2015

02:48 pm - Sleep makes a distinct difference
The exciting thunderstorm that was heading for Mesquite Sunday morning (the weather warnings were making my phone beep at work despite keeping it set to silent during working hours, and another guy sitting near me was having the same problem) arrived just as I did. I pulled up in front of the house in a torrential downpour (with hail bouncing off my car) and since the weather app that tells me projected precipitation for the next two hours assured me it would slacken in about ten minutes, I sat in the car waiting and checking Facebook. I got in the door, freed the bunnies and went to my room to change for the gym, at which point I crashed for the entire afternoon, missing out on the visit to Grandma for Mother's Day (Mom took Lauren and Aidyn along) but catching up on much-needed sleep.

Lauren and Aidyn were still in the house when I woke up -- Mom was having garage door trouble, and had summoned Daniel to come tinker with it. I went to the gym and then the grocery store and they were gone when I got back. Mom was heading for bed, so I settled down to take possession of the living room TV -- and wound up crashing on the couch maybe ten minutes after she'd disappeared into her room.

Slept on the couch with the endtable lamp on until Mom got up that morning and started yelling at the rabbits for getting into the hole in the wall in the kitchen where Mom still hasn't gotten around to contacting anyone about doing the repairs from the water damage caused by the slab leak months ago. (And she got the money from the insurance company, so it's not a question of finance -- she just hasn't made the phone calls and gotten someone in to do it.) There was a sheet of plywood blocking the big hole to keep the cats out, but Miss Amelia wiggled in between the wood and the wall, so Mom duct-taped it around the sides. The duct tape has been peeled away on one side, so yesterday after Mom went to work I took a big plastic storage tub and put it in front of the plywood.

So that was one problem solved -- but the back patio cover partially collapsed when one of the 2x4s Mom was using to prop it up slid to the side and the corner dropped. I went out that afternoon to try to put it back into place and another prop fell aside. We're going to have to properly replace that -- and in the meantime, the stuff on the patio needs to be moved so it doesn't get crushed when the roof finally falls on it. (And so it doesn't get rained on, ideally, since the forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms for the next week and a half at least.) We can get some stuff into the shed, but the table and chairs are going to get wet (or possibly covered with a tarp, not that Mom has one.)

Bunnies remain cuteCollapse )

And then there was the wee rose I bought Mom from Wal-Mart the weekend before last. I got her a new pot for it (because she said needing repotting is probably why the one I got her last year died so quickly) and a little terra cotta dish to set the pot on to catch the water draining from the bottom, but I didn't know what else was required. Mom said potting soil -- and bought some on her own grocery run over the weekend -- but also something to go in the bottom of the pot to keep soil from leaking out the drainage hole. Mom said a rock to cover it, but I didn't know where to find one and she hadn't tracked one down over the weekend.

Nor had she repotted it, so yesterday when I realized just how many leaves were falling off the wee rose I googled repotting roses. Wal-Mart's gardening section had these little round mats made of fiber like you see in welcome mats that were supposed to go in the bottom of a pot to keep the soil in, and had I only known I'd have bought one with the pot and the dish -- in any case, I substituted with a worn-out kitchen scrubber, cut in half to fit. Lots of potting soil, wee root-bound roseling from a tiny seedling planter cup hiding within the ceramic display cup (the instructions said something about cutting into the root mass but I didn't trust myself with that, so I just loosened the tendrils a bit), and then water until it started to drip from the bottom of the pot. Back into the windowsill (we have a little greenhouse window in the kitchen that's been very good for the aloe vera I bought Mom as a gift years ago, which is still growing strong) and we cross our fingers.

(The lavender rosebush is doing well enough so far. It's still in its pot and Mom isn't planning on moving it to the ground until the rain stops and the mud has a bit of time to dry -- but it's currently well-watered and in a location it seems to find suitable, since it's sprouting tiny new leaves. The two things we moved out from under the collapsing patio awning last night were the gas can and the lavender rosebush. Mom's picked out the spot on the front of the house she wants to put it in.)

What knitting I have doneCollapse )

I'm kind of amazed how productive I was yesterday, considering I spent a good few hours knitting in front of the TV yesterday morning and took my time getting started on the "to do" list. And also, the time spent on things not on the list at all. But the only thing I had that wound up being postponed to today was the vacuuming, and I took care of that while waiting for Daniel to come over to do just one quick thing to the garage door. (He looked over the patio roof while he was here and said he's probably going to take care of replacing it himself, but meanwhile he's going to tear down what's still standing. He'll come by to work on it probably tomorrow and suggested that Mom and I could start moving stuff out from under it in the meantime. I will probably not do so today with a manicure-in-progress, but I might tomorrow if I get home long enough before he arrives.) I think the lesson here is that I got so much more sleep Sunday afternoon and evening this time around, and had a lot more gas in the tank for Monday.

Last week"s nailsCollapse )

So most of the cats have been trapped indoors today, aside from Chooch who made an escape while I was sweeping the rabbit cage mess out the door and into the backyard. (An outcome predictable enough that I shut Ju-Ju into the pantry and Dizzy into the bathroom before I opened the door. Choo-Choo evaded me when I tried to grab him, though, and then evaded me again when I tried to chase him back from the open door.) Between the impending thunderstorm and the collapsing roof (which Ju-Ju and Rupert in particular seem to delight in trampling across) I've decided they need to stay in for a day or two. Chooch will return for dinner, and he can just stay in until the patio roof has been pulled down. (At which point the cats won't have a shelter outside the back door if they get caught out in the rain. I predict they'll be spending a lot of the next few weeks inside.)

And, this is very good. Once I hit post on this entry, I'm down to eating my lunch and doing the upper layers of my manicure. Which is great, since we may be getting more thunderstorms later this afternoon, and being off the computer and able to shut it down would be good.

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May 9th, 2015

03:50 pm - Blah rainy week
Not enough sleep this past week, even though I've been skating out of work only putting in about an hour of overtime most mornings. Not a lot being accomplished in my time at home, either -- too much time being wasted on social media and websites on my phone, for one thing.

On the plus side, I got a rosebush for Mom on my drive home from work this morning. Last year I got her a miniature rosebush for Mother's Day that died within weeks, she suspected because it had needed repotting. Last week I found her another of the same tiny bushes, and this time also bought her a larger pot to move it to. Red rose, red pot. Very tiny and I wanted to get her a proper-sized one, and today was my last chance before Mother's Day. She likes red roses, Peace roses (as seen in my posting icon), and lavender ones. Calloway had a couple of Peaces and a single lavender, and though I wished it had at least one or two blooms (even the withering remains shown by most of the other rosebushes on display) so I could compare the actual color to that pictured on the tag, I went for the lavender. Here's hoping it blooms as promised.

Mom is good with roses. The house we lived in from before I was born until I was thirteen wound up with a deep red Don Juan and a Peace climbing all over the back fence. (There was a pinky-red Joseph's Coat (IIRC) in a corner of the fence, but the dog kept peeing on it and it never had a real chance to get established.) The current house had a couple of rosebushes already in place when Mom moved in late in 1999 -- yellow in the backyard and pinky-orange in the side -- but the other bushes Mom tried to put in the back died, and a year or two back so did the yellow. I suspect some sort of rose disease and Mom wonders if it was the poison ivy growing on the side of the garage -- either way, we're thinking the next rosebushes need to go elsewhere. (My thinking on getting Mom mini rosebushes was to have something to keep in a pot rather than risking it in the ground.)

Maybe the new one can go in front, where the tree can shade it from the worst of the summer sun. I wouldn't mind getting to admire the blooms as I drive up to the house...

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May 5th, 2015

06:07 pm - Listless weekend
Reading a few posts from people who had a lot to say about Avengers 2, and it's reminded me of a few things I found worth mentioning, so:

Avengers 2 spoilersCollapse )

So. I'm still looking forward to the next movies Marvel gives us. But I'm not sorry to hear that Joss Whedon is done with the Avengers movies franchise.

And in other news, the bunnies continue to get along well. The last couple of mornings I've come out of my room to find them cuddled together on the top shelf of the cage -- I'd have gotten a photo if I'd had my phone in my pocket. Maybe tomorrow when I get home from work...

Bunnies peacefully cohabitatingCollapse )

It hasn't been a really productive weekend -- I spent Sunday afternoon lazing around on the couch watching episodes of My Little Pony (too tired to really knit) and then Lauren and Aidyn came over and I was trapped in the living room until Mom took them to go visit Grandma. (For the first time since she wound up in the nursing home last November, so it was about damned time Lauren went to visit.) I wound up going to the gym while they were gone and then passed out in my room with the lights on in the early evening.

Woke up before dawn, lazed around reading stuff on the phone, got up and had breakfast, and then spent the whole damned morning napping on the couch after Mom had gone to work. So it was around 1pm by the time I got up and moving, and the "to do" list suffered. Got showered and dressed, did the dishes and headed out to visit Grandma and make my grocery run. Mom got home just as I was finishing putting away my groceries and feeding the cats, so there went my window to get the rabbit cage dealt with before she arrived. We watched TV, shared a pizza, and each trimmed and shaped our nails, and I got a smidgen of knitting done before running out of gas.

Very tired again this morning, took forever to get really moving, and so didn't get the rabbit cage finished till around 1pm. At least I took care of visiting Grandma yesterday, and the gym session is tomorrow. And the manicure for today has been a simple gradient I could deal with during my computer session, without a requirement for plenty of drying time between the base color and the final layers.

KnittingCollapse )

And then there was last week's manicure.

Iron Man-inspired maniCollapse )

So I'm done with all my other computerage, and my mani, and at this point I just need to post this entry and get myself ready for bed. Probably feeding the cats first, three of whom were caught outside when it started raining a few hours ago. I'm sure they're already feeling peeved and neglected, so I should go ahead and feed them early before I sack out, instead of letting them wait for Mom to get home.

Yarg, I'm tired. Haven't really caught up on as much sleep over the last few days as I clearly needed. I could probably do without an excess of overtime in the coming week...

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May 1st, 2015

03:23 pm - Milestones achieved
The rabbits have definitely bonded. Last night I risked sticking the bunnies in the cage together, first for just a couple-three hours as I took a nap before work (having already had a four or five-hour snooze earlier in the afternoon). No signs of blood or flown fur when I checked on them while getting ready to leave, so I left them together all night while I was at work. (Amelia was confused at spending the night in the cage -- she's used to having the night free to roam the living room and kitchen, and was giving me a perturbed look as I walked out the front door.) And this morning they were fine, so from here on out they're sharing their living quarters full-time, barring incidents or extenuating circumstances.

And I got a little windfall yesterday -- a $240 check from the office of the GI doctor, refunding what was evidently an overcharge on last year's colonoscopy. I deposited it yesterday afternoon on the way to visit Grandma -- $200 onto the bigger credit card balance and $25 into my savings account. The other $15 I left in checking.

And I just got back from seeing the Avengers 2. I'd seen at least one or two people claiming to have been disappointed, so I lowered my expectations. It wasn't quite as good as the first, but the action scenes were excellent and the dialogue occasionally witty. It's the second movie of a trilogy and suffers slightly from the problem of being a bridge to a resolution we're a few years away from seeing. It didn't do anything I hated, so I'm reasonably satisfied. (And it made me really wish for that Black Widow movie that should have already been in the pipeline.)

And, yes. One or two items still on today's "to do" list to handle, and then I can knit in front of the TV for a smidgen longer before bed...

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April 28th, 2015

06:47 pm - The bunnies have achieved detente!
So last weekend when I gave the bunnies a little bit of time to sort themselves out in the bathroom and then the living room turns out to have been a good thing, despite the bite on Stilinski's ear. Because I gave them a day or two without bonding sessions, and then we went back to the bathroom, and there was less squabbling and more grooming. So a few days ago I let them share the living room again, and there was some chasing but no real fighting, and I was greatly encouraged. Turns out the bite was probably what convinced Stilinksi to accept that he wasn't going to be the dominant rabbit in this relationship, either. (I've been keeping an eye on it. It seems to be healing well.)

YesterdayCollapse )

It made it much easier to clean the cage when I could let both bunnies loose in the living room at the same time. There was a slight squabble when Stilinski reclaimed the cage and Amelia came in after him, so I've been keeping the cage door closed when I'm letting them run around together. I put Amelia in the cage while I visited Grandma yesterday, but let her back out when I got home. Stilinski spent the night in the cage, but I let him out when I got up this morning and they've been loose together all day today. This is very good. I'm in no particular rush to have them both "cage-safe," and in any case being able to spend lots of time really together (instead of sniffing at each other through the cage) is going to help the bonding process along more than anything else.

I'm pretty much done with the "to do" list for the weekend (barring the gym session, postponed to tomorrow), but there wasn't really enough time to get as caught up on sleep as I'd like. Not enough knitting time, either. I don't know whether to hope for plenty of overtime this week towards my next paycheck, or plenty of free time to clear the DVR and get some knitting done at home...

Some small progressCollapse )

And I was hoping to get the latest half-season of Agents of SHIELD watched before going to see the Avengers, but there hasn't been enough TV time to chip away at backlogs of anything. Ah, well -- it's very likely the show is going to respond to plot points from the movie later in the season (or next season), but the movie can't expect people to have been watching the TV series.

Summer neonsCollapse )

Geeze. So little time for sleep before work. At least all I've got to do after posting this is feed the cats and get myself tucked into bed...

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