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July 22nd, 2014

05:44 pm - Exhausted rainbows
So little happened last week that I didn't bother to post a journal entry Friday or Saturday -- especially since I also didn't get online either of those days. (This despite being paid on Friday morning. I made the required payments and transactions with my phone and never turned on the computer.)

Not enough knitting time in the past weekCollapse )

I really need to get back into the habit of doing the rabbit cage on Mondays -- or at least attempting to do it then. Because starting my Tuesday mornings out with that two-hour task to do before I can even get started on my Tuesday stuff leaves me with no real chance of getting a decent amount of sleep before work. On the plus side, I'm pretty much to the end of my "to do" list now, and this week's manicure is great.

Last week's manicureCollapse )

And, right. If I get offline and head for the shower right now, I could get maybe three hours of sleep before work tonight...

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(Primal scream therapy?)

July 15th, 2014

06:25 pm - Unhappy cats and lots of stripes
So I took a couple of cats to the vet yesterday morning (Rupert for his annual checkup and Squeaky to have that eye that's been bothering him for months rechecked) and it ate three hours of my day. I gather there was an emergency surgery that occupied two of the three vets, which left the office running very much behind on the regular appointments. At least I had my new sock in my bag, and I worked on it while I waited. (The cats were not a bit thrilled at spending close to two hours in the carrier before we were sent to an exam room.) It was expensive and the vet made noises about sending Squeaky to a veterinary opthamologist and I really can't swing that. (Even if Mom kicks in something towards what I spent at the vet's yesterday and what I'll also be paying for today's bug spraying around the house, which would be nice if it had included something for the fleas but at least it legitimately worked on our palmetto bug issues last time. I'll have to get some stuff from Petco and redo the various things I did a few summers back when we had the major flea issues because of the winter that didn't kill everything off like it should have. IIRC, it involved some kind of spraying around the house in the main areas, plus dribbling something on the backs of the necks of every animal in the house except the humans. On the plus side, I think I still have the spray I used on the carpets and furnishings, and I got doses for Squeaky and Rupert from the vet yesterday, so that's just three cats and two bunnies left to treat...)

Knitting goals for the week not entirely metCollapse )

So I was moderately satisfied with last week's manicure, and while I went back to a bicolor design with today's mani (the silver and medium blue from last week as base layer and top color), I'm planning on recreating last week's look with other groups of three or four complementary colors. Greens, purples (with or without a contrast pink included), and I'm going to have to try a holiday version with red and green and gold. This week is pretty much just stuff I've tried before, aside from one nail where I tried out this look and was very pleased with the result. At some point I'm going to find myself making all my nails match again (instead of doing a mix-n-match with the same colors in different designs, like I've been doing in recent months), and that's a real contender. Attractive but easy to do.

Yeah, need to post this and get my last backup file running. Very tired this weekend, didn't get to catch up on sleep properly, and not a lot of time left to shower and nap before work tonight, so I need to get off the computer soonest...

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(Primal scream therapy?)

July 12th, 2014

07:45 pm - Oh god Tumblr why
So I had two things to do online and instead I got onto Tumblr and it ate many hours I should have been spending sleeping before work tonight. But anyway.

At least my nails look goodCollapse )

At least I got the toe of my Halloween sock cast on yesterday, though I still need to finish binding off my sweater ribbing. But I can get to that tomorrow. Finish off the sweater in the next couple of days and reach the striping yarn on the new sock, and I'll count myself pleased with my weekend.

And also, I need to catch up on sleep in the next couple of days. But right now, I think I need to post this and get the hell offline so I can nap for a couple of hours before work. (Geeze, I didn't even get in a nap this morning before getting online! I hope we get another short shift tonight so I can get home early -- but it's been a busy week...)

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July 8th, 2014

01:12 pm - Listless weekend
Not a lot of sleep caught up on over the last few days, which meant not a lot of energy this morning to get things accomplished with. I wound up sitting around for a couple of hours knitting after breakfast when I should have been getting the rabbit cage dealt with and turning on the computer, which is going to have some effects on my afternoon. (At least I did get the cage cleaned and the living room vacuumed, finally.)

But at least I got some knitting accomplished this weekCollapse )

And, huh. I was thinking I'd be coming home from the gym with computer stuff left to deal with -- but actually it looks like I'm going to be winding it all up before I go. I'll be leaving for Grandma's a bit later than I generally like to (I should already be out the door right now), but I'll come home with nothing much left to do with my computer but check to see that the backups have finished running and then shut it off. I can live with that...

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July 5th, 2014

08:53 pm - Nationalistic holiday over and done with
So my Independence Day holiday is over -- I got last night off from work, so I got to sleep late and then get up before dawn this morning and go park in the living room clearing stuff off the DVR and trying to finish a kneesock. I am half a row of ribbing away from binding off the Petrol Stocking, I wound the yarn all ready to cast on for the neon-green-and-black kneesock sometime next week, and I got half of the last season of Justified watched. (I also got Life of Pi and Man of Steel watched and off the DVR -- no Daily Show or Colbert Report for two weeks plus a night off work mean a lot of time to chip away at the DVR backlog.) I'm going to try to get off the computer in time to nap for an hour or two before heading in to work tonight for what I expect to be a comparatively short shift. (Not a lot of people would schedule a doctor's visit for the Saturday of a three-day weekend, and I expect a lot of offices would have been closed today anyway.)

Patriotic manicureCollapse )

And I have an actual link, from an entry of [personal profile] seperis/seperis': Snakes in a Frame: Mark Laita’s Stunning Photographs of Slithering Beasts, which has several gorgeous shots of snakes taken against a black velvet background, and then finishes up with the picture he accidentally took of one of the snakes he was photographing biting him on the leg. (Link included to the piece written about the incident, Black Mamba Bite: The Back Story.)

The turquoise yarn I needed to finish my sweater arrived in today's mail (along with a bat necklace, whee!), so I may well be able to competely finish my sweater this weekend. Even if I rip out what I've done of the ribbing and redo it from scratch, it's only a pickup row and then eight rows of k2 p2 ribbing and a bindoff -- plus the two pockets to knit and attach.

Yeah, I need to post this and try to get in a nap before work...

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July 1st, 2014

05:41 pm - Attempts at patriotism falling flat
Some manicure fail today, and I really need to attempt to call Dad (it being his birthday today), but aside from that I've had a good day and a productive weekend.

Last week's manicure made me happyCollapse )

So Mom had this gift card for a meal at either the Olive Garden or Red Lobster that she'd gotten at work for some thing or other, and last night we went to Red Lobster to use it. Shrimp and Sunset Passion Coladas. It was nice, though we were both good and tired at the end of a long day. I was planning to go straight to bed when we got home, though it took me a few hours to stop reading things on my phone and get things settled away.

Knitting progressCollapse )

Yeah, I should really go try calling Dad. And then shower and sack out -- I'm feeling like falling on my face right about now...

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June 28th, 2014

08:43 pm - On my expanding jewelry collection and the storage of same
The goth mood continues. I'm still listening to gloomcookie music at work when I'm not on podcasts, and there's been a little bit of jewelry shopping. The coffin necklace arrived today, I ordered a witch pendant last night, and I'm seriously tempted to throw in a bat to complete the trifecta. (Also there are like two different moon rabbit designs I really want, but I don't think that's very goth. Unless it's a skeletal rabbit, which neither one is.)

Also arriving in today's mail was the jewelry box I'd bought. I already have a very nice large jewelry box (the LotR one I'd wanted since it appeared in the merchandising tsunami accompanying the first trilogy) and a spinning rack for my ever-growing necklace collection besides (as well as a tray for the ring collection that's been gathering dust since I switched to a job that has me wearing lab gloves all shift). What I found myself in need of was a box just for my pendants, since I was using the tray at the top of my LotR jewelry box and the box sits under a shelf that keeps me from opening the top more than a few inches, never mind seeing inside it. I was fumbling around blindly inside the tray, trying to remember everything I had that might look good with the evening's chosen shirt and wearing the same few choices over and over, not getting around to wearing new purchases because I'd forgotten all about them.

So over the last few weeks I'd been browsing, on Amazon and then on eBay, getting a sense of what was available and what I needed and wanted. Something mid-sized, with less along the lines of tiny compartments (I have some large pendants) and more along the lines of flat trays. At least one drawer - no single-compartment boxes meant to hold everything in an unsorted jumble within. No space wasted on ring tray sections. Something attractive and not obviously meant for little girls. Classic in appearance - but perhaps not "vintage," since some of those were in kind of rough shape.

What I chose on last week's paycheck was black with a smidgen of gold detailing. A flat-tray drawer and an upper compartment that had small sections on the left half and left the right half undivided. Pre-owned but not visibly battered and with no stains to the velvet lining. A little while ago I opened the package to inspect my prize and wound up transferring my pendants over. I was surprised at how many were small enough to put into the little subsections in the top - I put pairs of pendants into a few of those little cubbyholes. The big pendants I Tetrised into the drawer tray, and the mid-sized ones into the right half of the upper compartment. I can now inspect my entire collection at a glance if I pull the drawer out, and there's room for a few more. Success!

Right. I stopped off for breakfast on the way home, then picked up hay at the bunny sanctuary and came home and crashed in the love seat. I slept for hours, got up and did stuff and now I'm going to lie down in the dark for a little while longer before heading out to my final shift this week...

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June 24th, 2014

05:45 pm - At least the rain is keeping it from getting as hot as we'd normally be in June.
Not running quite so far behind schedule today as the last few weekends -- partly because I got up and moving at 6:30 this morning, largely because I proceeded directly to the rabbit cage as soon as I was done with breakfast, instead of hanging out knitting in front of the TV for an hour or two first. (Though I'm planning on spending a little time in front of the TV once I've posted this and gotten my last round of backups going, since there's a new episode of Teen Wolf on the DVR. I was annoyed enough with the ending of the last season to have deliberately not gotten the DVDs for that half-season -- but I'm still going to sit and watch Dylan O'Brien running around being the token human in a pack of assorted supernatural creatures.)

It's been a good weekend. I received yarn in the mail -- bright Regia Fluormania, that had Mom saying she wouldn't mind a pair of neon-bright socks for Xmas. (I'll have to show her the range of colorways and let her pick a favorite, since I'll be ordering a new skein for her socks anyway. She can't have mine!) And the Cascade Quatro "Green Tea" that I'd been seeking for months arrived, so I can finish that pair of socks this fall. (Don't know if I'll risk using the remainder of the new skein on a new project or not. Possibly very cautiously as an accent color, since I really don't expect to be able to find any more when I use it up.) Still haven't heard back on Ravelry regarding the message I sent inquiring about the skein of Cascade 220 in "Peacock" -- if I have to, the sweater ribbing will be part turquoise and finish off with the purple I used for the body. (Or maybe even the pink yarn I bought along with the purple, hoping it would be a good accent color for the cardigan.)

Summertime, and the yarn is brightCollapse )

Still have not talked to Dad. Maybe I'll try calling him today. It's so easy to postpone picking up the phone, when I don't know his working schedule anymore and don't get an answer when I try calling or texting and can write off even trying because our waking hours and free time don't appear to overlap at any point. But I missed talking to him for Father's Day, and in a week it's his birthday, and maybe I should go see him using the night off I'll get for Independence Day. (That's part of why I only see him at holidays -- I need the night off to give myself free time when he's actually available.)

Turned up an actual link to something of interest, reading someone else's DW post: The Shark Has Pretty Teeth, Dear: Why I Teach Women Self-Defense, being an examination of the problem of when people teaching women self-defense are accused of contributing to rape culture by victim-blaming, even though it, you know, actually works in many instances to prevent rape... (As well as providing all sorts of empowerment for the women who take the classes and in many cases being a method used by survivors to help process and move past their own trauma.) A point that really struck me: "One survivor of assault I know pointed out, 'It takes all of 30 seconds to give a woman a self-defense tip. How long does it take to evangelize the world about violence against women?' The research backs her up. The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence has a sobering comparison of the efficacy of men’s rape prevention programs versus women’s. There’s no contest: Women’s prevention programs, particularly those involving physical self-defense, reduce the risk of sexual assault. We know that. Men’s programs? We don’t even have a good way of measuring their effect yet."

Okay, okay, that's everything I needed or wanted to cover in this entry, and my nails have had long enough to finish drying, so I'm going to get offline and go turn on the TV for a bit.

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June 20th, 2014

08:04 pm - Sumer Is Icumen In
So the good news is that I took a three-hour nap when I first got home, because I've been fairly wasteful of my online time today and I'm not going to have time for much more sleep. More good news is that today's paycheck was fairly good and I had enough to cover the next two week's bills and expenses (plus dropping a goodly chunk onto that one credit card I've been fighting with since December).

One of the things I wasted time on was trying to track down the source of my posting icon -- I had saved the iconmaker's LJ name as part of the file name (as per my standard practice) but couldn't find the entry it was from. I like to drop a comment to the maker, and I prefer to make it on the relevant icon set post, so I lost some time browsing through roxicons's back entries on tags that looked useful. Found some more lovely icons to save for potential future use, but couldn't track this one down. (I used it as a posting icon in one of my thank-you comments and mentioned it as one I'd also borrowed from her.)

Also, I went hunting for more Cascade 220 yarn -- specifically, the bright turquoise shade I'm using as an accent color for my purple cardigan. I'm not sure I'm going to run out before I'm finished with it -- but I'm double-stranding it to get it to act like bulky weight, and that front ribbing is going to take up a lot of yarn. I wanted another skein just to be safe -- and I can't find the particular shade I need.

It's a repeat of the situation with the Cascade Quatro in light green I'm using as the contrast color for my Joker Stockings, though in that case the entire yarn base has been discontinued, not just the shade I'm using and running out of. I've ordered "Green Tea" from two different sellers -- the first one contacted me after a few days to inform me that actually it was out of stock and would I like to change my order to another color?, and the second hasn't gotten back to me (or sent the yarn) though I ordered it on May 6th. I've given up on expecting it to actually arrive (and at least they never billed my card), but I'd like to hear back from them regarding whether the order has in fact been cancelled so I can delete the entry from my checkbook app. I actually stumbled across "Green Tea" I need on a yarn site while looking for "Peacock", and I placed an order for a skein of it. (Having done so, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to have the yarn I ordered last month finally show up -- and I might possibly wind up with two skeins of "Green Tea" instead of just the one I need, after months of searching.)

Meanwhile, I resorted to checking on Ravelry and sending a message inquiring about the one skein of "Peacock" that's listed on the site as being available for sale or trade. (I started the hood and it's going well -- I'll be down to the ribbing in a few more weeks. Hope I have another skein of "Peacock" by the time I run out of the current one!)

And then there was my happy-making manicureCollapse )

Not too much silly spending on today's paycheck, but there were a few music purchases. I've been in the mood for something new and decided to try out a few artists who had single tracks I really liked off this one compilation. (I've been listening to another podcast's archives, and it put me into a goth mood, so I took a quick peek at my player's library and added some of the stuff that leapt out at me as being inclined towards the gloomcookie set. Including a Projekt sampler I'd gotten way back when while purchasing their grim holiday music albums. So I had reqs from the podcasters and a couple of Projekt artists that I couldn't actually find on the Projekt website at this point, though they were both on Amazon, so. So much for my participation in the Amazon boycott...) Also, there's a new Tori Amos album out, so I had to get that while I was acquiring new music. So, new things to hear tonight!

Geeze, hardly any time to sleep in. Well, all I need now is another light nap, anyway...

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June 17th, 2014

06:02 pm - Listless week
Been a bit of a slacker this week -- I think there was some overtime involved, and a lot more sleeping (or trying to). No journal post on Friday or Saturday (no computer time at all, in fact), and so my photo of last week's manicure wound up on Facebook but not here.

Loved these colors so much I gave myself a pedicure with them yesterdayCollapse )

Not a lot of time knitting in front of the TV this week -- or this weekend, either. But I got a bit accomplished. And I did take the time to get my completed sweater pieces washed and blocked Thursday or Friday, so I'd have them ready for the next step when I had the hours to spend in front of the TV.

Less knitting, more seamingCollapse )

The other thing I let slide over the past week, that I actually feel guilty about, was in trying to call Dad on Sunday afternoon to wish him a happy Father's Day, finding out he was at work since his schedule changed at some point in the months (!) since I've last talked to him, and then crashing shortly before he was expected home from work and not trying to call him back yesterday. There's a voice mail on my phone, which isn't from a number I recognize but might be from Dad. (My phone has been getting really cranky in recent days, locking up at the simplest task and then restarting itself on a frequent basis, but I've been having the issue where the phone never rings but later I discover a voice mail notification for years. It's a signal strength problem in the area I live in, and it's been happening since my very first cell phone.)

So I should post this, get offline, check that voice mail, and then try to call Dad again. And go shower and hopefully get at least a nap before work. (I'm already tired...)

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